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Staatliches Museum Schwerin

Beyond the Horizon...
Art of the GDR from the collections of the Staatliches Museum Schwerin

6. July 2018 bis 7. October 2018


The Staatliches Museum Schwerin is exhibiting a selection of 120 pieces from its collection of art of the GDR. The exhibition reveals new perspectives that went beyond the prescribed art of the state, and focuses on the soft yet critical voices. In their resistance to ideological demands, traditional genres such as portraiture, land-
scapes and still life enabled an unexpected view of reality in the GDR.
The tension between intimacy and ideology gave rise to a specific aesthetic language that went beyond the stereotypes of Socialist Realism. Actions and performances were a special means of expression for this. A selection of pieces from the Schwerin Mail Art archives shows how artists maintained a cross-border connection to the world.
A richly-illustrated catalogue in German and English will be published.