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Please note:

•    Luggage larger than DIN A4 format is not allowed into the museums. Backpacks, large bags and large umbrellas must be checked in at the cloakroom to ensure the safety of the collection.
•    Please do not consume food or drink in the exhibition rooms.
•    Smoking is not permitted in any part of the buildings.
•    Animals are not allowed in the buildings of the Staatliche Museum Schwerin / Ludwigslust / Güstrow (except for guide dogs).


Photography for personal use is allowed with hand-held cameras. Reproduction or sale of photographs is not allowed.
The use of flash, tripods and selfie sticks is prohibited at all times and in all museums.

For press and other special photography, including film and videotape projects, please contact the Public Relations Department by mail ( / or during business hours by phone (+49 (0) 385 5958 0) or fax (+49 (0) 385 563090).