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Gallery of Old & New Masters

The Grand Kermess by David Vinckboons

The Gallery of Old & New Masters shows a precious loan from the National Museum in Szczecin until 2017: a large Flemish landscape dating back to around 1600.

In the newly decorated cabinet with the most beautiful forest landscapes of the Schwerin collection, the work by David Vinckboons (successor) is shown together with two small Schwerin originals by the artist - a unique opportunity to take in the handwriting and the imagination of Vinckboons.

The viewer of the Grand Kermess witnesses a big celebration with various events and amusements with people from all social classes. The compositions goes back to a drawing by the masters from 1602, was painted several times due to its popularity and also reproduced in copper engravings.
With this long-term loan, the collaboration of the museums in Szczecin and Schwerin, which began with the exhibition of the Müller Collection last year, continues.