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Ludwigslust Place

Pomp and Splendour in the East Wing

In March 2016, after many years of restoration work, the east wing was reopened. You can now experience the 18 newly planned rooms including the Golden Hall, the Ducal Audience Chamber, the Picture Gallery, the bedroom and living area of the dukes on the first floor, as well as the guest apartments on the second floor.

The Golden Hall represents the centrepiece of Ludwigslust Palace. It is named after the abundance of golden decorations on its capitals, columns, wall lining and mouldings, stretches over two floors and is divided by twelve colossal columns with Corinthian capitals.

The historic sense of space of the picture gallery has been reconstructed and can be marvelled at again after almost 140 years. 70 artworks by court painters such as Georg David Matthieu, Johann Dietrich Findorff, Johann Heinrich and Rudolph Suhrlandt are now displayed on its original grey-green walls. Italian cork models of buildings from antiquity complete the presentation.

The guest apartments on the second floor are decorated with turquoise and ruby damask wall coverings and white panels with golden embellishments. The impressive menagerie series by Jean-Baptiste Oudry, busts by Jean-Antoine Houdon, furniture from the end of the 18th century as well as the ducal clock collection are on display at those locations to which they were once connected through the two regents and their wives.