Staatliches Museum Schwerin

Old Masters / Contemporary Works

Old Masters

Duke Christian Ludwig II loved art, collecting and buying it where it was booming during his lifetime: in Holland and Flanders. Thus the heart of our stock of paintings consists of an exquisite collection of Dutch and Flemish works from the so-called "Golden Age". Famous masters such as Jan Brueghel the Elder, Paulus Potter, Frans van Mieris the Elder, Frans Hals, Peter Paul Rubens and Carel Fabritius permit us to have highly varied insights into life in the 17th century and attest to the high painting culture at that time.

Some of the eminent pieces in the collection from the 18th and 19th centuries consist of works by the French animal painter Oudry, who painted especially for the Versailles and Marly castles, together with works from artistic centres such as in Berlin or Dresden, from Antoine Pesne and Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich among others.
In a cabinet room on the first floor, Baroque art pieces made of ivory are on display.

New Masters

A glass bridge connects the original building from 1882 with the new building opened in 2016 – both architecturally and contextually: In the old and new buildings, the developments in art from the early 20th century through to those from our contemporaries can be experienced in their complexity: With earlier works from Lovis Corinth, Lyonel Feininger, Marcel Duchamp, Nam June Paik, Bernhard Heisig and Sigmar Polke among others taking the visitors through the contemporary installations, videos and objects in the old building. While in the new building, these are represented by Ulrike Rosenbach, Aernout Mik and Jörg Herold among others. One spectacular exhibition here consists of the collection by the artist Günther Uecker, who was born in 1930 in in Mecklenburg.


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