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Staatliches Museum Schwerin

in the Staatliches Museum Schwerin

The exhibition of Modernism is devoted to the art of the 20th century and is on show in the redesigned old building:
In the first room important works by Liebermann, Corinth and Picasso are presented. In the next room crisis and upheaval important works from the time of the First World War and the time of the Weimar Republic, including the Windmühle on Usedom by Lyonel Feininger and the Great Landscape of Schwedt by Seckendorf gathered around Wilhelm Lehmbruck's sculpture The Sinnende of 1914.
The Collection of the "enfant terrible" Marcel Duchamp reveals the enormous importance Duchamp had, and still has, for the following artist. Other works of the Schweriner collection and the Fluxus collection of the Kelter family will make this reference more comprehensible.
The theme of the other portrait approach different artistic positions. Works by Gröszer, Brüne and Wetzel are shown alongside those by Günther Uecker and Nam Jun Paik. Uecker is also the main protagonist in the following rooms. In the beginning of these rooms, works dealing with his Mecklenburgish home are shown and confronted with works by Schlüter, Wegehaupt and Wirkner. In the second room, the more political works of Uecker are facing pictures of Mattheuer, Heisig, and Polke