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Günther Uecker, Fadenstuhl, 1969 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020

Uecker 90

Günther Uecker is among the most remarkable German artists with worldwide reputation. His art can be found in renowned national and international museums.  

After his time at art school he participated in the international movement called ZERO. This is where he first worked with kinetic light objects. One of his acoustic-kinetic pieces is the “Elektrischer Garten I” which is one of the many works exhibited in the Staatliches Museum Schwerin. “Sandspirale” is a contrasting piece from 1970. As life itself the appearance is in constant change.

In the following years Uecker started to focus on expressing his humanitarian views. His art takes a stand against racism, xenophobia and violence towards minorities.

The artist always had and still has strong ties to his Mecklenburg heritage. His oeuvre offers pieces that draw back to the landscapes of his home and concurrently portray his most inner feelings.

The biography of Günther Uecker is deeply intertwined with the conflict of the German separation and the process of the two countries growing back into one.

In 2013 the museum was able to acquire 14 pieces by Günther Uecker. In addition this exhibition includes loans from private collectors as well as photographs by Rolf Schroeter.