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Duchamp Research Centre



In 1997 the Staatliche Museum Schwerin acquitted a collection of works by Marcel Duchmap from Ronny van de Velde.

Besides the scientific examination of the own collection, the Duchamp Research Centre, founded in 2009, serves as a platform for research about Duchamp. In 2011 the series “Poiesis” was initiated by the Research Centre documenting research results.

Volume 1: Impuls Marcel Duchamp//Where Do We Go From Here
Articles of the Duchamp-Symposium, Schwerin February 1, 2009

Volume 2: The Indefinite Duchamp
Essays by Duchamp researcher Thomas Girst

Volume 3: Faux vagin, Marcel Duchamp's last Readymade
Thomas Zaunschirm

Volume 4: Marcel Duchamp: The Great Hidden Inspirer.
Michael R. Taylor

Volume 5: Marcel Duchamp: Instigator of today.
Gerhard Graulich, Kornelia Röder

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes
is a new publication series initiated by the Duchamp Research Centre to advance scholarly discourse around Marcel Duchamp.
As a medium of science and communication, the series is intended to circulate recent scholarship on the work of Marcel Duchamp and make it available to the international Duchamp research community and the interested public.

Books and Essays

Marcel Duchamp. Dada e Neo-Dada (exhibition catalouge)

curated by Mara Folini, with text from Sarah Archino, Mara Folini, Gerhard Graulich, Christina Katharina May, Kornelia Röder and Anna-Thea Stöss, Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna, Ascona, 25.3-26.6.2016, Armando Dadò Editore, Locarno, 2016; german and italien

Marcel Duchamp. Die Schweriner Sammlung, eds.: Kornelia von Berswordt-Wallrabe

Marcel Duchamp. Respirateur, eds.: Kornelia von Berswordt-Wallrabe

Runge-Duchamp-Cage. Aspects of an Expanded Understanding of Romanticism by Katharina Uhl, in: Dirk Blübaum, Gerhard Graulich und Katharina Uhl (eds.),  The Revolution of the Romantics. Fluxus made in USA, exhibition catalogue, Nuremberg: Verlag für Moderne Kunst