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Coin Cabinet

More than 32,000 coins and medals are preserved in the Coin Cabinet. They come from the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period (the 10th century to the present). They primarily consist of items which were produced in Mecklenburg, resulting in the cabinet having the most complete collection of such mintages not only in Germany but even worldwide. These are complemented in this numismatic chamber by a varied set of German and European coins. In addition, the cabinet has a selection of orders, decorations and badges of honour. Likewise, its collection of stamps and letters from Mecklenburg (with extremely rare postmarks on them) from 1749 to 1867 is also singular – and has become known and celebrated among philatelists as the "Mahncke Collection" after Fritz Mahncke.

Mecklenburg’s coins and its history is on display in Güstrow Palace. Medals are shown in the palaces of Schwerin and Ludwigslust.

Visits to the Coin Cabinet can be arranged by advance booking with PD Torsten Fried, T +49 (0)385 5958 204, Torsten.Fried(at)


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