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Artisanal Objets D’art

The artisanal objets d’art collections in the Staatliches Museum Schwerin are characterised by their craftsmanship and diversity. Created as a result of the ducal interest in art, today they include far in excess of 10,000 objects ranging from antiquity to the present. The precious items made of gold and silver, ivory, amber, mother-of-pearl, wax, cork, glass and iron provide an indication not only of the wide range of applications for these materials, but also the high regard that the former dukes had for art.

The collection of Meissen porcelain from the 18th century, accounting for approximately five hundred pieces in the extensive stock of ceramic items – consisting of antique pottery, faience, porcelain, stoneware and earthenware – are regarded as being among the most prestigious treasures in the museum.

Likewise, the furniture and other such items attest to the various stylistic currents of their eras, and in turn to the artisanal innovations linked to them. Items such as weapons and clocks are characterised not only by their precise execution, but also by their use of the latest technical advances.

Taking the formative eras when the various structural ensembles were completed as their basis, various works of applied art are on display in the palaces of Schwerin, Ludwigslust and Güstrow; many of them are linked to personalities from the ducal family and can be viewed in their original locations.
Furthermore, special exhibitions with specific groups of works from this abundant store of items are held in the Staatliche Museum Schwerin.


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